Proactive versus reactive – these are the two fundamental approaches to managing diabetes. Those individuals who are proactive have generally mastered the ways to manage their diabetes to avoid serious health consequences. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the 34 million in the U.S. with diabetes continue to behave in a reactive manner. Reactive individuals know that excessive carbs and sugar in their diet are the worst enemy and that exercise can help reduce the consequences of diabetes, but they decide to rely more on medications to maintain glucose levels and A1C rather than effectively controlling it in the first place.  

It is striking that more reactive people know what to do, yet seldom practice preventative measures. This may stem from the fact that only 10% receive adequate management education when first diagnosed. Although it is true that lifestyle modification alone is not the sole answer, modification however remains the most effective component of long term successful management. This reality is despite warnings from their healthcare provider, who almost all agree, patients won’t do it and won’t change behavior until they’re forced by health consequences. 

Simply put, reactive individuals tend to manage their diabetes on a laissez-faire basis, whereas proactive individuals acknowledge that diabetes is a chronic condition once diagnosed it doesn’t disappear and it’s a lifetime challenge. But practicing steadfast commitment to careful diet, regular medical care, and optimal blood glucose control, they can manage and live a long and healthy life.   


T1T2D informs proactive individuals who are interested in relevant news and education regarding diabetes medical advancements and technology breakthroughs – it’s not just providing recipes for low-carb cookies! Just as the tag line states, T1T2D contains curated content for all things diabetes. Easy reading news, suggestions and cutting-edge science from around the world.  

There are countless websites containing ‘how-to’ personal self-help stories, articles about products, and yes, even how to bake cookies. These sites primarily cater to the hopeful desires of reactive people. Regrettably, most content is advertiser sponsored and the reader has no idea whether an advertiser paid to promote their product or if an expert self-help author is unbiased in their opinions. Simply put, many web sites cater to, and profit off, the 90% that likely didn’t receive diabetes management education when first diagnosed. 

The reality is proactive people don’t waste their time with self-help sites because they already know what they need to know, and they work hard to practice it daily. Effective management is a nutritional issue. Healthy Diet. Weight control. Exercise. Check BG regularly.  


T1T2D curates diabetes news and information by leveraging ‘unbiased’ computer algorithms to search for quality content related to T1 and T2 and presents content absent from editorial influence or advertiser partiality. Put another way - T1T2D is not advertiser supported.

T1T2D continuously searches, much like Google News, to discover the most relevant information pertaining to a wide variety of topics that range from medicine and breakthroughs to education. This is accomplished using text mining algorithms that search for defined keywords, phrases and overall content intent; the result of which yields carefully curated information that is absent of quack remedies or useless anecdotes. T1T2D algorithms are programmed not to search for or accept repetitive articles from commercial diabetes sites. T1T2D algorithms are constantly evolving and approving, meaning that some underlying curated articles may contain advertising but it’s less likely the source content is diabetes-related advertising.


The intuitive layout of T1T2D improves the user’s access to headlines and brief overviews – critical time savers that ensures that readers are not constantly interrupted by advertisements. Users can quickly glance at what’s of interest then easily select for the article. T1T2D is constantly dynamic; content is updated daily, making the collection of content unique from any other source.


T1T2D has the simple goal of serving proactive people who are interested in keeping up to date with the most relevant information regarding diabetes. It is a free service of EMIEN HEALTH, producer of Rolacol®, a roll-on swab alternative for cleaning skin that is far more convenient to use and eliminated the need to dispose of swabs. Rolacol is an evolution in cleaning skin prior to finger pricks, insulin injections and CGM placement. Rolacol is to swabs what insulin pens are to a syringe. Rolacol may not be for everyone, its been designed and formulated for swab users that find swab use inconvenient and for those that understand healthy habits are important to diabetes management.

ABOUT: A Connecticut company founded in 1999, EMIEN HEALTH produces Rolacol. The company also developed a free download form to keep track of medications and doctor contact information, as well as a collection of simple but effective exercises. And, a fun animated tale about how diabetes was first discovered and treatments dating back 3,000 years. All the diabetes educational and news websites are free, contain no advertising nor does one need an account to benefit.